Moving Checklist & Guides


• Please ensure that all liquids are in containers that are secure and leak proof. The lids should be secure and leak proof as well.

• If you are unable to find any leak proof containers, please place containers in an upright position and bag individually.

• Remember not to pack any flammables such as aerosol cans, bleach, fingernail-polish remover, gasoline, rubbing alcohol, etc. 

• Place all items that you will need and are to remain off limits on the bathroom counter until the day of your move.


• Place items that will need to remain accessible until the day of your move on your bed (i.e. Clothes, sunglasses, etc.).

• Remember to set aside a box for bedding and last minute items (i.e. cellphone charger, laptop, etc.


• Place all canned goods in the smallest boxes available.

• Pack heavy items in smaller boxes, and lighter items in larger boxes.

• Remember to wrap all glassware and place in an upright position in a padded box.

• Label all boxes on the outside with the contents inside the box.

Schedule Your Move:

• Remember to contact Priority Movers at least 30 days in advance to schedule your move.

Service Providers & Mail:

• Notify the post office of your change of address within 30 days of moving.

• If you have children, be sure to notify their school and request a transfer of records.

• Notify alarm company and any other companies that you will need to so that they may discontinue your services and the desired time.


• Contact destination utility companies (i.e. cable, electricity, gas, internet, etc.) to setup connection of at your new residence to be effective on the day of your move.

• Notify all utility companies of discontinuance of services effective day of move.

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